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“Rachel has been an invaluable asset to our organization, bringing a remarkable combination of expertise in technology, government and finance.”

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Strategic Solutions for Change

Transforming Finance, Navigating Compliance, and Optimizing Non-Profit Operations.

Program Operational Management

Streamline and optimize operations and processes

Transformation Mgmt.

Transforming Spreadsheets into Seamless Technological Solutions for your Entire Organization

Grant, Participant, Volunteer, & Contract Management

Enhance organizational efficiency, ensure compliance, and enable better decision-making

Why choose us?

Provides Post Implementation Support
Non-Profit Focused
Strategic, Future-focused Design


Limited Post-Implementation Support
Lack of Customized Training Options
Technology Focused
Short-term, Reactive Design

The main problems and pain points that we are solving for you

Operational and administrative tasks can consume an entire workweek, squeezing out time for non-profit executives to focus on their mission-driven passion.

Inadequate tools and resources for proper management and documentation can potentially jeopardize the integrity of the Non-Profit organization. Such vulnerabilities may expose the organization to fraud risks or unfounded accusations of fraudulent activities. Additionally, the lack of a comprehensive understanding of operational procedures can contribute to staff burnout, hindering the organization’s overall effectiveness and well-being.

We measure our success by your success

Our focus is on partnerships, ensuring organizations meet their goals seamlessly. With us, there’s no hassle. Our dedicated team prioritizes your needs, guaranteeing trust and support every step of the way.

Customer Focused
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We measure our success
Empowering Communities Through Technology

We break down silos everyday, making roadblocks a thing of the past.

We act as a trusted advisor that not only understands technology
Who we are

A digital customer experience agency that empowers people to unleash their digital potential.

Helping the non-profit become self reliant in the tech space

We act as a trusted advisor that not only understands technology and will help the non-profit become self-reliant in the tech space but also has in-depth knowledge of non-profit procedures, Governmental Compliance, Financial Processes, and Procedures.

We excel at translating your needs and guiding nonprofits. Rest assured, we don’t disappear after implementation. We offer ongoing training and steadfast support.

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World class service
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What's it Like Working With Us?

Clarity Engagement

We will partner with you to take a deep dive into your business.

Engagement Journey

We understand your unique needs and tools. Now we just have to make sure we agree on the path.


Bridging the gap between idea and reality. Taking the plan and the goals and making them real.  

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Hear what our incredible customers have to say!

Rachel’s perspective was really like a flashlight in the darkness. And she really helped me understand the space, how the industry works and what the problems were. And I felt like I must be doing something wrong if I can't find this information. And she really helped me to see it's not me. It's the way the industry is set up

Gerard Etienne
Director, Vocational Services Program

I just kept learning, and now I'm considered the go-to person for Dynamics 365. And I would say it's definitely because of my interactions with Rachel. She made everything so easy to understand.

Danuellys Diaz
Vocational Counselor

Rachel has been an invaluable asset to our organization, bringing a remarkable combination of expertise in technology, government, and finance. Her diverse knowledge base is truly unique and has greatly benefited our projects. What sets Rachel apart is not only her extensive knowledge, but also her personable nature, easy-going demeanor, and sense of humor. Working with her is an absolute pleasure, as she effortlessly establishes rapport and creates a positive and collaborative environment.

Josephina Romero
Director, Innovation Commonwealth Corporation

I love the new website and system. This is user friendly, easy to use (instructions are easy to follow) and streamlined. Thank you!

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